Upanishad- Platform For Donations

Upanishad – Platform for Donations

You don’t have to be a millionaire to make a small donation for a cause you believe in. Though India has been on the fast track of development there are still issues that can act as roadblocks. From child labour to poverty and lack of education, the Indian society faces many challenges. However, NGOs are doing a great job in controlling this issues to a large extent. Upanishad-online platform for donations is one such platform that helps you make a donation.

What does Upanishad-online platform for donations do?

  • Acts as a platform for donation
  • Lets you make the payment for a cause you believe in
  • You get to choose the NGO
  • They send the money to the NGO
  • They track the donation
  • Donors receive a feedback form

Making donation process easier

In today’s busy life not everyone can volunteer for a cause they truly believe in. In such situations, the best way to support a cause is through donations. Upanishad-online platform for donations makes the process much easier. Right from finding an NGO of your choice to helping the money reach the right person they take care of it all.

You get to see the change

In most cases, the donors are unaware about the utilisation of their money. However, Upanishad lets donors like you find out about how the money is utilised and you  get a detailed feedback report. The best part is that the process is simple, all you have to do is sign up with Upanishad and make the donation to an NGO of your choice.