Ngo for Kidney Patient | Liver Transplant | Heart Patients

We are non profit organizations and ngo in ahmedabad for kidney patient, liver transplant, heart patients. Charitable trust.

NGOs for kidney patient / liver transplant / heart patients

You need to have a healthy mind body and soul to live a healthy life. However, sometimes due to circumstances, while other times due to choice people fall prey to health issues. Though there are great hospitals in India that specialises in kidney, liver transplant and heart diseases, not everyone can afford the medical expenses. In such situations, NGO for kidney patients comes into the picture

How does NGO for kidney patient help?

  • Help with dalasis
  • Fistula surgery
  • Financial support
  • Emotional and mental support.

Helping fight the disease

NGOs like Mohan foundation, Tanker, Ganadarpan, ZTCC and Mother have been organising organ donation camps as well as helping the patients and their family with financial aid and support. Most of the people coming from poor families do not have insurance or any other form of financial support that can cover the medical cost. In such situations, these NGOs help the patients and their families with financial and emotional support. They ensure that the patient gets the best treatment and lead a normal life again.

Several diseases one solution

From NGO for heart patient to NGO for liver transplant some NGOs have changed the way people think about getting treatment. If you wish to help those suffering, then you can make a donation to any of the NGOs that helps such patients. No matter how big or small the amount is, it will definitely help someone live a healthy and normal life. You can also volunteer for these NGOs and bring a difference to someone’s life.

NGOs for cancer patient treatment

Cancer is one such disease that can drain the patient and their families emotionally, mentally and financially. If caught in early stages this disease can be treated, and in most cases cured. However, if it is detected in the latter stages nothing much can be done. NGO for cancer patients, not only help spread awareness about the lifestyle changes that is needed to be adopted to avoid the disease, but they also offer financial and medical support to the patients and their families

What do NGO for cancer patients do?

  • Helps spread awareness about different types of cancer
  • Provide financial aid to the patients and their families
  • Initiate steps for early detection
  • Offer complete assistance

Fighting the disease with financial help

Cancer can drain the mental peace of patients and their families . According to researchers on an average for treatment Rs. 6000- 12000 needs to be spent every month. This is an amount that can drain any family financially. NGOs like CPAA, Cancer Support Group, Indian Cancer Society, and Cancer Aid Society are trying their best to raise funds to support those who suffer from this deadly disease. In addition to supporting the patients and their families these, NGOs also spread awareness about the disease.

Donating and volunteering to help cancer patients

Even the smallest of contribution can help someone live for another day. Most of the NGOs have their websites, you can visit them and take a look at the kind of work they do and make your donation. You can also help someone suffering from cancer by being with them and offering your helping hand as a volunteer.