Ngo for Students

We are non profit organizations and ngo for students in ahmedabad, charitable trust for students.

Education is the first step towards freedom. In India, not every child gets the opportunity to go to school or receive a proper education. At times, parents see children as cash cows or they underestimate the importance of education. This mentality is what NGO for students and children are trying to change.

What do NGO for students do?

  • Assess the students
  • Offer training and support
  • Help the children financially
  • Find the right schools for the kids
  • Help them with higher studies

Creating a better future for the kids

Sampark foundation, Smile, Student’s Bright Future Foundation and Teach for India are trying to do their best to help those kids who have the potential to achieve something great. At times, family and financial constraints come in the way of a child’s growth. These NGOs are fighting for the rights of children and helping them get a proper education so that they can survive in this world where there is tough competition.

Your contribution

You can volunteer for the NGO of your choice and help a child make his/ her dream of getting proper education come true. You can accompany the NGO workers in their programmes and spread awareness within your community about the importance of education. If you cannot get involved personally, then you can donate money or books that will help a child get the education he/she deserves. You can visit the website of the NGO you want to support and make your contribution. Your donation can change someone’s life.