Ngo for Prevention of Suicides

We are non profit organizations and ngo for suicide prevention in ahmedabad, charitable trust for suicide prevention.

Mental health is a serious issue, even in a country like India there is a taboo related to mental health. While some seek medical help others become victims of the situation. Suicide takes thousands of lives every year in India. The numbers could have been more if it wasn’t for NGOs that help those in need.

 What do NGOs for prevention of suicides do?

  • Offer free confidential helpline
  • Offers proper guidance
  • Provides therapy
  • Medical help
  • Emotional support

A friend to talk to

At times a simple talk can save a life, and that is what NGOs like 1 Life, AASRA, SAVE and Connecting India do. They have full-time and part-time volunteers who help those in need. These NGOs have professionals who train people like you to help those in distress. In addition to taking calls, volunteers also take part in programmes that spread awareness about mental health issues. Not only do they help individuals but they also help families who have lost someone to suicide.

Helping one life at a time

Support in any form is always important for an individual and NGOs for prevention of suicides does exactly that. They offer support and a helping hand to those who are suffering from different issues that can eventually lead to suicide. Modern day life is stressful and at times even the smallest of things can have a huge impact on an individual’s mind. If you think you can help someone with your words and thoughts, then volunteering for an NGO is worth giving a try.