Ngo for Orphans

We are non profit organizations and ngo for Orphan in Ahmedabad, charitable trust for orphan.

Children need proper care and upbringing to become better citizens of a country. Not only do they need love and support but education and upbringing also play a major role in their life. However, not every child is fortunate enough to receive love and support from their families. There are thousands of orphan children in India who needs our help and support. NGO for orphans is taking up the task to give these children the love and care they deserve.

What do NGO for orphans do?

  • Gives shelter to the kids
  • Provides food
  • Healthcare
  • Offer primary education
  • Skill development

Giving a family to those who do not have one

NGOs like Joy home for children, Save the children, Pankhudi, and Sphoorti takes care of children who have lost their parents, are abandoned by their families or have parents who are unfit to take care of the child. Volunteers go to different places where reports come from and brings the children to the NGO.

These NGOs have a hostel like setup where the kids get to stay, learn and play with other kids who are just like them. NGO workers and volunteers take care of the kids.

How can you help?

You can become a full-time or a part-time volunteer at any of the NGO for orphans.  You do not need any special qualification to become a volunteer, all you need to have is the willingness to help children. You can teach them, play with them, and give them the love and affection they are deprived of.