Ngo for Natural Disasters

We are non profit organizations and ngo for natural disasters in ahmedabad, charitable trust for natural disasters.

NGOs for natural disasters (environment/global warming)

A natural disaster strikes unannounced, and not everyone is well prepared for disasters when it strikes. Technology has helped us predict when something like a flood can happen but the advancement is not enough to help reduce the aftermath. That’s where an NGO for natural disaster comes into the picture.

How do NGO for natural disaster help?

  • Provide medical aid
  • Offer relief
  • Help with rehabilitation
  • Provides food and clothing
  • Helps the army with rescue mission

Helping when nature strikes

Most of the NGOs like Care, Caritas Internationalis, Lutheran World Federation  help with disaster management in India. However, there are NGOs like , Charities Aid Foundation, Help Age India that has done a great job in helping those in need when disasters strike. From helping the flood victims of Uttarakhand to helping those distressed by the earthquake in the North East these NGOs have lent their helping hand in some of the toughest of times.

Offering relief

From personally visiting the patients in the hospital to helping build new homes, NGOs for disaster management have done it all. They have full-time and part-time volunteers who personally visit the places that are struck by the disaster and help the victims. As a volunteer, you can also help these NGOs gather the necessary things needed to undertake the relief work. You can also help these NGOs by donating food, clothing, money which will be sent to the disaster struck areas. These NGOs are being able to do well and help others because they have the support of people like you.