Ngo for Human Rights and Trafficking

We are non profit organizations and ngo for human rights and trafficking in ahmedabad, charitable trust for human rights and trafficking.

NGOs for human rights / human trafficking :

India is a diverse country and it is the melting pot of several cultures. However, in the Indian society, there are thousands of people who face discrimination on the grounds of caste, gender, religion etc . Every year numerous incidents that violate human rights would have gone unreported if it wasn’t for NGOs for Human Rights. These NGOs have been working hard to protect the interests of those who are being suppressed in the society, by the society.

What do NGOs for Human Rights do?

  • Help protect children’s right
  • Labour rights
  • Dalit rights
  • People’s health rights
  • Anti- trafficking initiatives
  • Holding hands to help those in need

From low paid labour fees to human trafficking there are numerous issues that still needs to be addressed in India. NGOs for human rights have been battling a tough battle to help those who are victims of the situation. NGOs like Human Rights Law Network, Human Rights Observers and Right India Foundation are not only spreading awareness about basic human rights, but they are also helping the victims lead a normal life. From activists to lawyers these NGOs have the support of big names from all walks of lives.

How can you help

No matter what your profession, cast, creed or sex is, if you want to help the victims of human rights violation then you can become a volunteer. All you have to do is get in touch with the members of any of an NGO and sign up for volunteering. You can also help these NGOs by donating an amount you feel comfortable with.