NGOs for Healthcare

We are non profit organizations and ngo for health in ahmedabad, charitable trust for health.

“Healthcare has to have a social component”


Arjun Sachidanand, SAS Health Care

Healthcare in India is improving even though the poor in the country still are deprived. However, a particular section of the society still struggles to get basic healthcare. That is where NGOs like CARE, Smile, Asha, and Save the Children make a difference to Indian society. They help the needy are doing a great job in spreading awareness about leading healthy lifestyle.


Benefits of NGO for healthcare :

  • Newborn care
  • Prevent infant death
  • Reduce maternal mortality rates
  • Treat malnutrition
  • Helping those suffering from HIV/AIDS and TB
  • Mental health care


A helping hand :

Healthcare is an area of concern for those less fortunate in India. They are deprived of healthy food and are unaware about basic health and hygiene practises. Poor infrastructure and long waiting lines at healthcare clinics in small towns and villages have also made things harder for rural popualtion to seek medical aid. An NGO for healthcare understands the needs of the underprivileged section of our society. They have trained doctors who offer services and provide medical attention.  They do regular check-ups, especially for children and women. Several health camps are organised across the country. Often free medication is offered with primary healthcare regularly.


Taking care when needed :

Some of the most commonly treated medical conditions like diarrhoea and cholera cause the most number of deaths amongst children under the age of 5. While on the other hand lack of proper knowledge and awareness increases maternal mortality rates and the risk of getting HIV and TB. However, NGOs for healthcare have been successful in spreading awareness amongst the masses. You do not have to be a qualified doctor. To offer help volunteering for such NGOs is a good social service. Many young interns and paramedics gain expereince working with NGOs.

Your generous contribution as a regular donor can also make a huge difference to a trust or chairty that bats for health causes. It will allow them to provide a better quality care to the under previleged.