NGOs for Education

We are non profit organizations and ngo for education in ahmedabad, charitable trust for education.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

Education is a basic human right. Even in a rapidly developing country like India, there are children and adults who are deprived of basic education. However, a ray of hope comes from NGOs for education that help those who are less fortunate to get the basic knowledge required to survive in society. With the right knoweldge they can also become conscious of health & hygiene and how to behave in society.


Basics of NGO for education :

  • Offering elementary education
  • Improving communication skills
  • Helping with interpersonal skills
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Girls learning skills
  • Helping children with HIV/AIDs to study
  • Learning programs abolish poverty in many lower level classes


NGOs work hard to help those in need :
Some of the top NGOs in India like CARE, Asha and Teach for India are committed to ending inequality in education with many projects. Bieng educated offers freedom to underprivileged kids in becoming responsible adults. In addition to convincing parents to send their kids to schools, they are also given basic education by such NGOs. With knowledge these kids can widen their horizons, have more opportunities to grow amongst their peers.

Several non profit organisations extend volunteering services to kids to better interpersonal skills , mannerisms and communication ability. With sports and other recreational activities they build self-confidence. With a proper mental and physical training they are well balanced.


Making a positive change in the society :
There are several full time and part time volunteers who spend time with kids and adults, who can’t even read or write. While some help in teaching, others help them with communication skills and extra-curricular activities. Donations also play a huge part in the success of these organisation as it helps them reach closer to their goal of ending inequality in literacy. Some organisations ar espread all over India with branches. When the first generation learners gain knowledge, they can tackle problems.