Ngo for Cancer Patient Treatment

We are non profit organizations and ngo for cancer patient in ahmedabad, charitable trust for cancer patient.

Cancer is a chronic disease that is formed by the abnormal cell growth in various parts of body. Modern day lifestyle and changing work culture is considered as one of the major reason for the random increase of this deadly and chronic disease across the world. Globally, 14.1 million new cases of cancer were detected in the year 2012 itself. The only way to fight cancer is to spread awareness about cancer. Early detection of disease may help in curing it but if detected at later part, curing of the disease really becomes difficult and results to another number of life loss.

Various NGOs across the world are working to fight against the deadly disease. NGOs working for cancer patient can be broadly categorized on the basis of their target beneficiary. There are number of organizations working on awareness and prevention of cancer through early diagnosis. “” is one such website providing thorough information about the prevention and possible cure of the disease.

“Cancer patient Aid Association” and “Cancer Society India” work for the benefits of cancer patients in India. The help may be extended from correct guidance to financial aid in combating the deadly disease. Apart from this there are various NGOs targeting on the specific kind of this chronic disease. ”Lymphoma Cancer Research Institute” focuses on blood cancer while the “The Pink Foundation” works for women suffering from breast cancer. Cankid India works for children suffering from the disease.

The nonprofit sector has been working with a high motivation in India and across the globe to win the battle against this deadly disease.