Ngos for Animals

We are non profit organizations and ngo for animals in ahmedabad, charitable trust for animals.

In India, on one hand animals are considered to be sacred and on the other hand, you can find them on streets searching for food. NGO for animals helps these poor creatures by given them shelter, food and care that they deserve.

What do NGO for animals do?

  • Rescue the animals
  • Provide them food
  • Give them shelter
  • Put them up for adoption

Protecting the rights of animals

Though there are rules and regulations regarding adopting and keeping a pet in India, most of the times the rules are bent. The poor living condition, unhealthy food and environmental factors make it difficult for animals to survive. NGO for pets not only are trying to improve the condition of animals but they are also fighting for a better law for these four-legged creatures.

NGOs like PETA, People for Animals, Red Paws Rescue and Dogs India  are doing a commendable job in helping all kinds of animals. There are strict laws against hunting, but when it comes to the urban jungle animals are ignored. That is where these NGOs for animals come into the picture. Not only do they  feed them but they rescue them from the horrible living conditions.

Volunteering for a better cause

While most of these NGOs for animals have professionals working for them, they also use helping hands. There are several animal lovers in India who volunteer for these NGOs to help the poor creatures survive. These organisations also accept charities which help them get all the resources that are necessary to help the animals.