Investor Corner

What can you get in return from your favourite charity?

You can become a investor with Upanishad Foundation. If you have the ability and resources to support various charities we can help you to invest in them through our expertise. We will let you know about the forthcoming events for various causes supported by NGOs. You can either partner the NGO or become a donor. You can even becomeĀ  a shareholder with Upanishad Foundation.


How we can be useful to the investor before putting the money?

  1. We can educate you about the event and cause of NGO
  2. Provide information of similar NGOs and how they deal with the funding
  3. We help you to reach masses with social media
  4. We let you know the finacial stadning of the charity you choose to support
  5. We will help to get donors and volunteers to reach out to deserving charity foundations
  6. As an exclusive member you can access our list of charities to support
  7. If you are looking at tax benefits from charity, we can be useful
  8. It is financial sense to donate and reduce the taxt burden
  9. As an investor you can help the community
  10. You can invest jointly or indvidually